Being Green Made Easy – Dollars & Sense: Saving money & helping the environment

Please join us at Being Green Made Easy – Dollars and Sense, Andover’s first Town-wide go-green event October 1-10, 2010.   

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Check out the Being Green Made Easy supplement in the Andover Townsman published September 30.   This guide pulls it all together for you: what’s going on, first-hand family success stories, what Town leaders are doing, news from the schools and the new Bancroft Sustainable School design, area go-green resources, and an in-depth how-to resource guide for the Town’s citizens.  The Guide also includes a Green Footprint Worksheet for your family to use.

  • Being Green Made Easy Town Forum, Friday October 8th staring at 6pm--

    Meet with folks who can help you make Dollars and Sense of Being Green, from families who have made major changes to their houses, to Town Leaders driving sustainability across our schools and services, to area go-green resources who can help.  A high point will be the chance to talk to student leaders from across Town about what they are doing to go green at home and at school.   Bring your Green Footprint from the Townsman to enter to win an Andover Recycling Bin filled with go-green products for your house.

  • Green Andovers Tour (see map) Saturday Oct 9 for 10am to 2pm.  Visit homes that have made dollars and sense with solar and wind power.  Visit Doherty Middle School to learn about the new Solar Panel Array, the new AHS Sustainable Garden, and get an update on the new Bancroft Sustainable School.  Visit the new, green Addison Gallery at Phillips Andover Academy to see a great exhibit and learn about their campus-wide sustainability program.

  • Visit participating restaurants and businesses (see map) all over Town that are listed in the Townsman Resource Guide.  Look for the Green Chalk Footprints guiding you to their doors, and learn what they are doing to go green.   

  • Being Green Made Easy Resources

    -- Being Green Made Easy Supplement

    -- Green Footprint Worksheet

    -- map of Green Andovers Tour

    -- map of the Green Andovers Tour and participating restaurants and businesses

    In spite of all we are hearing about growing environmental challenges, great options are now at hand to both save money and help us make sense of being green, right here in Andover.  To spread the word, The Town of Andover, the Andover Townsman and Sustainable Andover are sponsoring these events all across Town highlighting money-saving, sensible approaches for Town residents. 

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